Top Mackinac Island Hotels

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Mackinac Island sunset

With the Ideal Location
for Your Dream Vacation

There are six top Mackinac Island Hotels that we believe have the best location.

Many people are surprised that the best way to get around the Island is by walking or riding a bike…so choose your hotel based on the activities you want to enjoy.

Stay the night in one of our top six hotels to enjoy a unique vacation experience. In this great northern Michigan setting, evenings are magical!

You will see the Mackinac Bridge illuminated in the west and lighthouses shining from the harbor. Horses pull carriages past your lodging in the wee hours of the night bringing the peaceful sounds of yesteryear.

Straits of Mackinac freighter

Freighters pass silently through the Straits of Mackinac, lights twinkling, heading to their far-away destination.

Rise early and watch the island awake. Take a quiet walk through Main Street before the ferries start bringing day visitors to this enchanting Isle.

Our Top Mackinac Island Hotels

Mackinac Island Hotel

with the best in-town locations that we recommend to our friends and family are:

Another Favorite Inn

Mackinac Island hotel

with the best out-of-town location for that special romantic get-away is:

When you are vacationing on Mackinac Island remember you are in Northern Michigan.

So, choose amenities that can be enjoyed in all types of weather. The Island House Hotel and the Lake View Hotel both have an indoor swimming pool, more than one restaurant, and a wonderful large porch to sit and relax on while watching the Mackinac Island world go by, whatever the weather.

Consider location, amenities and price when you choose your perfect lodging.

Whether you desire a secluded get-a-way or an action packed resort, the Island has it all!  Make your selection and get ready for a great vacation!

Traveling with your pet?

We love taking our pets with us when we travel, and so we always plan in advance so our furry friends will enjoy our vacation as much as we do.

Check out our suggestions for Pet Friendly Vacations!

Insider Tip:

Make reservations as early as possible when planning a stay at one of the top Hotels to ensure you get the best lodging with the right location, amenities and price!

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