Mackinac Island Restaurants
Open Year Round

Mackinac Island Mustang Lounge is Open Year Round

Number One is the Famous Mustang Lounge!

Mackinac Island restaurants open year round,
although few, are welcoming.

The ones that are open serve good food and drinks with the added Mackinac Island winter spirit of fun and laughter!

The Mustang Lounge is a great place to begin your Mackinac Island winter vacation whether you are taking a northern Michigan snowmobiling trip or a cross country skiing trek.

You can find out where to go and where you are not allowed to drive your snowmobiles. And, it's definitely a hot spot to end the day with a cold brew and a big juicy hamburger!

Legend has it that the ceiling dips quite a bit with all the beer stored in the rafters of its upper floor. You never know when the next boat will arrive with more beer so they store enough just in case. Help take a load off the old rafters by having a few drinks...the old building will appreciate it.

Sinclair's Irish Pub...

Mackinac Island Irish Pub in the winter.

a popular Mackinac Island restaurant open year round and is another fun place. What's great about this bar/pub and restaurant is you just don't know who might begin singing some great ol' Irish ballads or, hey, start singing one yourself. They do occasionally have guest singers/bands during the winter months for special seasonal events.

Great drink, great food and great atmosphere to end your day in the cold northern Michigan winter.

Don't forget The Village Inn...

Mackinac Island winter restaurants open year round.

it's one of the Mackinac Island restaurants open year round. There's always good times and good food (and, of course, drinks) at The Village Inn. It's a bit more quiet but sometimes that's what you need after a cold day on the trails.

The Village Inn is right next to the Pontiac Lodge which is one of Mackinac Island lodgings that is open year round.

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The main thing about coming to this beautiful remote Island in the winter is just to enjoy the simple things in life! Even having your dogs taking you for a "ride" through the snow is a blast!

Insider Tip: The Mackinac Island Medical Center is open year round. It's a beautiful facility and the 520 year residents are thankful for the dedicated staff caring for their needs during the off season. Hopefully, you won't need to visit it during your Mackinac Island winter vacation.

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