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Mackinac Update Issue #0001, February 2011

As the deep winter settles in on the Island with the temperatures dropping steadily in the low teens during the day and minus Zero at night, all the Island residents are wondering fi the Ice Bridge will form this year.

Kathy has never seen the Ice Bridge so she's hoping it will happen. She isn't quite sure if she will take a friend's offer of going to the Island on her snowmobile if the Ice Bridge does occur. Kathy figures she will cross that "bridge" if and when it happens.

At anytime now, the Arnold Ferry might stop service to the Island due to the icy conditions in the Straits. When that happens, and if there is no Ice Bridge, the only way to get to the Island or off it will be by airplane.

What an adventure living up here in northern Michigan and being in awe with the 523 residents who choose to live on Mackinac Island year round. Marcia & Kathy wonder if they could do it...or if Petoskey, Michigan is the better choice for Kathy during the winter months and Naples, Florida for Marcia.

Here are some fun Mackinac Updates about some great events that are happening in February 2011.

#1) U.P. Pond Hockey in St. Ignace - February 18-20

If you love hockey then you won’t want to miss this exciting event. The ice on Moran Bay needs to be 1 foot thick where the 24 ice rinks are and around 18 inches where the Registration & LaBatt Beer Refreshment Tents are placed. If you go you might want to take a folding chair, your camera, sunglasses and wear boots with treads on them. It’s fun to pick a rink and watch the game rather than wandering around 24 different rinks. More Updates about this big event is at U.P. Pond Hockey.

#2) The Village Inn's 16th Annual Valentine, Chili Cookoff, Poker Scenic Ski Rally Weekend February 12, 13 & 14

What a great weekend of good food, fantastic cheer and fun outdoor activities. Plus you will be with your Honey enjoying a romantic Mackinac Island Winter Valentine Vacation. The Chili Cook-off is a memorable fight to the finish with Island chefs and locals duking it out with hot chilis and red pepper! See if you can take the heat and help choose the winner! More Updates on all these Village Inn events are at Village Inn Chili Cookoff Weekend

#3) Mackinac Island Winter Vacation - Anytime You Can Schedule It

Ready for a unique and quiet winter vacation? Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or just enjoying the solitude on Mackinac Island on a winter day...then read more about the fun in choosing a Mackinac Island winter vacation.

#4) Know Someone Needing a Summer Job? It's Not To Soon To Apply for one on the Island!

Great work and great memories occur when you find a summer job on Mackinac Island. If you have a daughter, son or yourself that's looking for an incredible summer experience then learn about the different opportunities by reading Mackinac Island Summer Job Opportunities.

Well, that's enough for now. Kathy has to get out and shovel the sidewalks and Marcia has to work on her suntan in sunny and warm Naples.

We'll keep looking for Updates to send to everyone in our next Mackinac Update e-zine in March!

We hope to see on the Island this Spring!

Marcia & Kathy

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