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Mackinac Update Issue #0004, May 2011

May is an exciting time as the Island awakens from the quieter winter season. Workers arrive and train for the upcoming months, horses practice their routes for tours, flowers are planted in window boxes as well as gardens, and the shutters come off the cottages.

There is a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the coming summer season.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day and see you shortly on Magical Mackinac Island,

Marcia & Kathy

#1) Mackinac Island Attractions Are Varied and Many...

When choosing a Mackinac Island vacation be ready to be totally dazzled by the array of activities to choose from early in the morning to late at night.

Of course, one all time favorite thing to do while on this magical Island is just finding a quiet spot to sit and watch the world go by....

To read more about all the delightful Mackinac Island attractions click here.

#2) Colonial Michilimackinac Opens With Thousands of School Children Visiting It...

Do you think there are 1,000 school children visiting one of the three Mackinac State Historic Parks in May and June? Or do you think, 2500, 3000, or 6,000? Well, the number is over 10,000 school children will be boarding buses in early May through June to visit either: Colonial Michilimackinac, Fort Mackinac or Mill Creek Discovery Park. Amazing!

Teachers love this field trip which makes Michigan history come alive for their students...and, probably themselves as well.

Read details about Colonial Michilimackinac which opens on May 4th

#3) Mackinac Island ferries are up and running..

Did we even think that there would be no ferry service to magical Mackinac Island. Not in the least!

The boats are clean, the tickets are printed and the many staff members are in training. Everyone is ready for the Summer of 2011 to begin. It should be another fantastic time to travel across the Straits of Mackinac on any of the three ferry lines with Michigan's bright blue skies above you and the crystal blue water below you...just plain magical!

Read all about the three ferry lines by clicking here.

#4) May's Yummy Recipe From Donnybrook Mackinac Island Cookbook

The Donnybrook Cookbook is a compilation of tried and true recipes prepared with love and shared around a large table in the dining room. The cottage is filled with laughter as everyone recalls happy times on Mackinac Island.

For a terrific and easy hors'deuvre, visit our Donnybrook Mackinac Cookbook page and read our May recipe for Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups!

We hope you enjoyed this issue of our Mackinac Updates e-zine.

We'll keep looking for Updates to send to everyone in our next Mackinac Update e-zine in June! If you have any events or news you would like us to share just Contact Us.

Warm regards,

Marcia & Kathy

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