Romantic Wedding Proposals

romantic wedding proposals

Romantic wedding proposals happen on beautiful Mackinac Island.

Knowing that Kristin loves the Island, Eric put a lot of time and research into finding just the right spot on the Island to propose to her. He contacted Marcia and Kathy for ideas and his plan turned out great! He and Kristin are happy to share their story.

Eric wrote: “Well, she said “Yes!” I have attached photos from where I proposed. After, we walked down the hill a little ways and got our picture taken by a woman visiting Anne's Tablet. I am very happy with the area, I would have never known about it. It was perfect. I was told where I actually proposed was called the Eagle's Nest? Had no idea but it was a great spot for a picnic. Then we decided to cap the day off with a couple of drinks and delicious whitefish dip at the Pink Pony. That has become our spot as we also went there before heading home back in June. Thank you again for your help. As I said before, I would never have known that some place like that even existed. We both were and still are very happy. Thanks, Eric and Kristin”

Insider Tip: Advanced planning is the key to pulling off the perfect romantic proposal. Have a plan B ready in case you run in to last minute difficulties such as a rainstorm when you planned to be on the beach. It’s hard to do anything wrong, though, when love is in the air!

Did you get engaged on Mackinac Island?

Stories of romantic proposals give ideas to those who are planning to
“pop the question”. Share your engagement story and inspire others!

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