Antique Wooden Boats Gala
at Annual Festival in Hessel, Michigan

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Some of the best Antique Wooden Boats are located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in Hessel, Michigan which is a quaint northern Michigan village in the Les Cheneaux Islands. This year will be the 37th Annual Wooden Boat Show and the date to put on your calendar is August 9, 2014. This event is usually the first weekend in August each year.  It is only a one day event. Come rain or shine!

If you love boating you won't want to miss this festival. Boats come from all across the nation from Florida, California and even Canada. There will be large cruisers, canoes, rowboats, sailboats, runabouts and racing boats. All of them will be restored antique boats trying to be the winner in this year's event.

Don't miss the Pancake Breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. the morning of the event. The Opening Ceremony begins around 10 a.m. You will hear  great music at the Marina and enjoy an array of delicious food throughout the day. There is also a terrific Arts & Crafts show with wonderful local and visiting artisans.

Wear comfortable shoes for if the weather is spectacular you might have a long walk from where you will have to park your car. Remember you will be walking along the docks to see the antique wooden boats so make sure if you are with small children that you keep them close. There are so many people you can get bumped easily...don't fall into the water!

Check out this see the quaintness and serenity of this unique little northern Michigan

Shhhh....many of us who live in these beautiful Les Cheneaux Islands want to keep this paradise a secret! If you move here you will understand why!

Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed to enjoy the
fun at the Hessel Michigan antique boat show!

Staying on Mackinac Island...
hop on the Arnold Ferry to get to the Show!

If you are vacationing on Mackinac Island sign up at the Arnold Ferry Line to reserve tickets for their Les Cheneaux Island channel cruise that will drop you off at the Hessel dock where the boat show is taking place. It's a unique ferry ride from the Island to Hessel that only happens once a year!

For more information about Hessel's Antique Wooden Boats Show Event click here.

Marcia & Kathy's Insider Tip: Wear comfortable shoes for there is a long walk into town from where you will be parking your car. No dogs are allowed at the show so keep Fido home!

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