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One of the best marriage proposals happened 552 feet above the Straits of Mackinac!

featuring Emily and Shaun

Emily writes:

This is the story of my engagement to Shaun Murray, which Marcia has so graciously asked me to share. It is undoubtedly a day I will never forget, and here is why…

It was a beautiful morning in Northern Michigan, Saturday May 27, 2009. It started off like many others, relaxing conversation over coffee and breakfast.

As 9:00 am came closer and closer, my feeling of relaxation quickly turned to nervousness, stomach flips and fluttering. I was going to the top of the Mackinac Bridge!

romantic proposals on Mackinac Bridge

The story, which I had believed without even so much as a hint of suspicion, was that cousins Steve & Anne Murray had won two passes to go to the top of the Mackinac Bridge from a silent auction. They had so kindly offered the opportunity to Shaun and me, as they had a conflict and could not use them.

Even though I was nervous, there was no chance I would be turning down this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We arrived at the Mackinac Island Bridge Authority at 9:00 as scheduled, and checked inside to notify the maintenance crew that we were ready for our venture. Little did I know, they were all in on the “story” and knew that Shaun was going to propose to me when we got to the top. I still had no clue, and somehow missed the chuckles and nodding of heads that were exchanged when we showed up.

We were given safety vests and hopped in a van with two of the bridge workers. As we drove to the south tower, I could hardly speak, and wondered why exactly I had thought this was a good idea. Luckily, the gentlemen escorting us moved so quickly, I did not have time to second guess my decision. We waited for traffic to clear and crossed lanes. My knees were jelly. I was panicked when I saw the “entrance” to the tower. It was a hole – a hole that I had to crawl through after climbing up the railing! Again, the gentleman taking us up to the top did not leave time for me to hesitate, as he yelled “Are you coming?!” I thought to myself “don’t look down” and in I went!

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romantic proposals on Mackinac Bridge

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Inside the tower, there were small crawl spaces everywhere, and it would be very confusing to be in there without someone familiar with the layout. You could get lost for days. By following a voice, I found a small elevator. Three of us barely fit, and had to hold our arms over our head for the ride. We exited the elevator and I stared straight up a ladder that seemed a mile high. I climbed without much hesitation and thought about the beautiful view I was about to encounter at the top. However, any fantasies of viewing the straits were immediately gone when I reached the top and realized we were not going to walk out onto the walkway as I had expected. Another man hole!

We had to crawl straight up and out of a man hole in order to reach the top. We faced the railing as we came out, which I grabbed on to for assistance pulling myself out. I stiffened when I saw the cars driving across the bridge below us - they looked like matchbox cars.

romantic proposals on Mackinac Bridge

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