Original Butterfly House
Mackinac Island

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The Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island is one attraction to put on your "things to do" list.

Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island Is A Fun and Relaxing Mackinac Island Attraction

Between the shopping, the bicycling, the carriage rides, walking and exploring the Island, many people long to find a quiet place to just relax and rest.

There is no place better to enjoy a short reprieve from all that exercise than a visit to the quaint Original Butterfly House of Mackinac Island.

Located near downtown Mackinac Island just behind St. Anne's Church sits a yellow house. It has an attached green house filled with beautiful plants, charming little waterfalls and ponds with hundreds of exotic butterflies from Asia, Africa and North and South America.

This is the Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island. It's just a ten minute walk from the downtown area and well worth the trip.

Some people might find the hill a little intimidating but, they can make the trip to the Original Butterfly House in one of the Island's fine horse drawn taxis. There is a bike rack to park your bikes in front of the building.

A Butterfly House With History

butterfly on leaf

The Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island is not only unique sight to see and a novel experience, it is also quite historical as it was the first butterfly house established in Michigan and the third in the United States.

The greenhouse was originally used to grow flowers for the Grand Hotel and other businesses, but when the owner read about a butterfly house being established in Europe he decided to open one on the Island.

What You Will Find in the Original Butterfly House...

Step inside and if you are lucky you may see a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis, watch as it wings fill out and dry through a special window.

Experts say between 10 am and 1 pm is your best chance to see this miracle occur. Then step inside the green house itself and be greeted by butterflies of many species on any given day, flitting about, resting on plants, or enjoying the nectar from the fruit the owners haved provided. Sit quietly and enjoy the flight of the butterflies and the soft music provided.

Don't rush through the green house...not only is it fun to observe the butterflies but also, it is enjoyable to watch the children squeal with delight when finding butterflies among the leaves.  You will see teenagers just relax and observe the wonders of this special place, and delight as adults become enthralled with these beautiful winged insects. Sit down and just "smell the roses" for awhile.

If you wear bright colored clothing, you will increase your chances of having one of these amazing creatures land on you.  Then you can observe them up close and personal! See how wonderfully marked these delicate little insects are.

When you enter the Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island, you are given a chart that helps you to identify the various butterflies. What fun to see just how many different butterflies you can spot! Kids especially love this activity!

Butterfly House Mackinac Island
Don't Forget Your Camera!

Of course you are going to want to bring your camera and fully charged batteries to capture as many of these butterflies up close as you can. You may never get a better chance to see so many different types of butterflies all in one place at one time.

Butterfly House Memories

Two things that makes the Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island such a wonderful place to visit are:

  • there is a guide on hand to answer any of your questions
  • the owner is more than happy to teach those who are interested in starting their own butterfly garden at home. He will share what plants are best for the type of butterflies your garden will attract.

After you have seen your fill of the butterflies in action you can then visit the insect room attached to the butterfly house. While not quite as colorful as the butterflies themselves, there are several interesting insects that the entire family will enjoy learning about.

Fun watching butterflies!

You can save money on tickets if you buy them through their website online.  Click here for ticket prices!

They also offer special rates for groups of ten or more.  Take advantage of this if you have a large family or are traveling with friends.

Insider Tip: It certainly is nice to know that amid all the hustle and bustle of life on Mackinac Island, there is an indoor place where you can sit back, relax and be surrounded by the beauty of flowers, plants, butterflies and people enjoying the simple things in life.

The Original Butterfly House Mackinac Island closes early for the butterflies go to bed early!

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