Classic Chocolate Pan Fudge

by Viv
(Marquette, MI)

When I was young my father used to make fudge and let us put our spoons in when he was stirring it to pour in the pan. It was the best! Now when I make fudge, I always think of him. The family puts in their request--especially my sister June. It is a must at all holiday gatherings and in between just for a treat. Daughter Heather even learned to make it last year to give as special Christmas gifts. Here it is--give it a try for old fashioned chocolate fudge treats.

4 cups sugar
1/4 cup Karo syrup
1 can condensed milk
4 packets of Choco-Bake (or 4 baking chocolate squares)
dash of salt

Cook on medium heat just beyond soft ball stage. I drop a small bit into cold water. When it makes into a ball that is not soft and pliable but is more stiff and the water does not cloud when you form the ball--you are ready.

Remove from heat. Add 4 tbsp. butter (no substitutes) and 1 tsp. vanilla. Let stand approximately 5 min. then stir. You do not have to beat this fudge. Stir briefly until fudge loses its sheen. Pour into 9X13 buttered pan. As cooling, score it into squares. When cool -- cut. This is a harder old fashioned pan fudge (unlike the creamy fudge you find in the island stores) so if you don't score or cut it when it is still warm, you won't be able to cut it when cold. You'll have one very large piece of fudge!


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