Drive Yourself Carriage

drive yourself carriage

Rent a drive yourself carriage and create a personalized tour, Mackinac Island style! The place to do this is at Jack’s Livery, which is located behind the Gatehouse Restaurant.

These one-horse carriages are designed to accommodate families and/or groups of up to six people. The horses are very gentle and you don’t have to be an expert to drive yourself.

You do need a caring attitude toward the horses so you don't get frustrated at the pace they are going or that you pull on the reins to hard. Be patient when taking a carriage ride...sit back and enjoy the beautiful views that your carriage ride will provide you.

Drive Yourself Carriage

After assessing your skill level, the staff at Jack’s will give you a map, detailed driving instruction, and will answer all your questions to make you comfortable and ready for an adventure into yesteryear.

drive yourself carriage

So, consider this tour option as a leisurely way to re-live a bit of the past and at the same time create a new family memory.

drive yourself carriage rides are fun on Mackinac Island and knowing the history of antique carriages can be quite interesting.

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In 1898 the Mackinac Island community voted to ban the new contraption called the automobile. Residents wanted to keep their community with the main transportation being by foot or by horse. There are some beautiful horse-drawn carriages on the Island owned by year residents as well as summer residents especially on the West and East Bluffs.

During the Festival of the Horse there are Stable Tours where you will learn about the stables and see some amazing antique carriages and horses that live on the Island during the summer months.

Mackinac Island's History and Community is unique and special...

Learn more about this small year round community of around 523 people by reading about the Mackinac Island community and enjoy reading Phil Porter's Phil Porter's interview about its history.

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