Family Vacation Travel Tips

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Here are some family vacation travel tips and ideas for enjoying every single minute you have together.

Get your children involved with the process. They will soon learn that vacations begin with the planning! Anticipation is half the fun and there is pride in being part of the process.

Start with a list and then weed out what you really won’t need. Count the days you will be away and only take the amount of clothing needed for that time. Check an item off the list as it goes in the suitcase, and, most importantly, stick to your list.

Our children always wanted to pack every book and toy they had, just in case they needed it! So, put limits on their list. They will get to make decisions that matter to them and at the same time, learn to prioritize!

Family Vacation Travel Tips!

family vacation

Finish packing the day before you leave on your trip. This will allow you a good night’s sleep and a less stressful departure.  Of course this means that you will have to make sure all the laundry is done a week in advance so you can pack everyone's favorite outfit, clean and stain free!

Have family fun along the way. Play games that get the children to notice the scenery; simple things like counting silos when driving through the countryside, or spotting license plates from different states.

Marcia’s family jokingly referred to vacations as “forced family fun” time! Games and surprises ruled the day.

Dad would put three marks on a tire, one for each child. Everyone would hurry out of the car at each stop to see whose mark was closest to the pavement. The winning child would get a quarter. It was a good way for the kids to add to their vacation spending money and keep the family laughing.

There are many travel games for children that will help keep the kids happy and busy while on a happy family vacation.  Check them out! 

Kathy’s youngest brother had the best behavior imaginable at every restaurant stop. This was thanks to mom who thought to pack a bag filled with little cars, plastic dinosaurs, and farm animals to keep him interested and occupied. 

Don't ever tell Kathy's brother, but his Mom kept the toys with her and he never saw them unless he was at a restaurant!  He could hardly wait to get there and quietly play with his toys.  Food breaks were very peaceful!  Moms are so smart!

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