Find and Seek Garden

Find and Seek Garden

The Find and Seek Garden is a little known hidden Island treasure.
Those who happen upon it are delighted with each discovery.

Find and Seek Garden

It has become a Mackinac Island spring tradition to see where the owner hides all the items in this beautiful garden for the coming season.

This enchanting garden is located on French Lane. To find it, walk past Sheplers Ferry dock towards the bridge. French Lane is just before the Windermere Hotel. Walk or ride your bike up the lane and you will see the garden on the left. You can also reach it from Market Street.

Take a look through the Mickey Mouse window!

It's so enjoyable to watch people (especially children) searching for the items from across the fact, Kathy can't seem to find the scull this year! So if you find it, let her know where to look!

There are beautiful gardens all around Mackinac Island. When traveling on the West Bluff high above the Island you will see spectacular gardens that the West Bluff summer residents create.

In the woods there are beautiful wild flowers throughout the summer. One of Marcia's favorites is the delicate Lady Slippers that come up...they hide deep in the woods so be on the look out for them.

Read more about Mackinac Island's Wildflowers by clicking here.

The Iroquois Hotel's garden is popular for people to stop and enjoy. It's quite pleasant walking through it to get to the Iroquois's patio dining on the lake shore.

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