Geocaching On Mackinac Island
April 28, 2012

The 6th Annual Geocaching on Mackinac Island Event is Saturday, April 28, 2012. What is geocaching? It's a game of high-tech treasure hunting that requires the use of a hand-held GPS unit, a computer and a sense of adventure! Being on the Island a bike is highly recommended since many of the caches are where most people would not travel on the Island. So, it's a nice additional piece of equipment to have!

This annual Geocaching on Mackinac Island Event is held on the last weekend in April since it coordinates with the Grand Hotel's "Early Opening" and their room rate is quite reasonable! This year it's $160.00 a night per room, plus tax.

Most people make it an early spring Mackinac Island vacation weekend and come up on Friday evening. This year's event has over 54 room reserved on the Island already. In fact, the Cottage Inn is sold out with lovers of this sport...and probably lovers of this cozy Bread & Breakfast too. There are rooms still available at the Market Street Inn, Pontiac Lodge and, of course, the Grand! Click here to see the Year Round Lodges that are open.

A high-tech treasure hunt is Geocaching!

The event begins on Saturday in the lower lobby of the Grand in the morning. After getting instructions all the "cachers" take off for their adventures on the island. There are over 100 caches on the island - with some hidden in all areas, some in pretty remote places, and some around the perimeter road which are easier to find. That's especially nice for beginner of this sport!

It's a sport or some people call it a fun outdoor activity for all ages. It's also fun for families to do as an outdoor event. To learn more about the sport of Geocaching on Mackinac Island click here.

This event has grown each year and they are expecting around 200 people to attend this year. Although many attendees sign up on the day of the event. There is no deadline for registration.

On Saturday evening there is an official closing ceremony around 7 p.m. There are lots of door prizes and raffle tickets are sold. The money the event takes in pays for the previous year's event!

Click here to read more about this Spring Fling that one woman and family have made possible. Thank you!

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Insider Tip: The founders of this great Mackinac event is Madelyn Le Page and her husband. The whole family comes up from Warren, Michigan a few days in advance to bring up all the supplies. They so love the sport and the Island that the event is free for all attendees! So, be sure you show them your appreciation by putting something in the Donation Jar that's on the registration table. The event is hosted, managed and paid for entirely by their family! Wow...and thank you, Madelyn!

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