Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island

The Grand Hotel is on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan.

Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island is a common misspelling for this northern Michigan island. The correct spelling is with “ac” at the end rather than the English spelling of “aw” making the correct spelling being Grand Hotel Mackinac Island. What is more confusing is that the small town on Michigan's Mainland is spelled Mackinaw City rather than Mackinac City. Are you confused?

It really doesn't matter whether you spell it Grand Hotel Mackinac Island or Grand Hotel Mackinaw Island you will be vacationing at one of the most celebrated historic hotels in the United States. They have terrific special packages with one of their most famous being their Somewhere In Time weekend extravaganza.

The other mistake many tourists do is how they pronounce Mackinac. The French spelled Mackinac with a “c”, but they pronounced it silently as if it ends in “w”.

When the English explorers came to this area they spelled it with a “w” and pronounced it that way too. Both Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island are pronounced “Mackinaw”. This is a good thing to know when you visit the Island! You will definitely be known as a “tourist” if an Islander hears you say “Mack-i-nack” with a hard "k" at the end of the word.

Mackinac Island has a rich history with the French and English explorers and a deep spiritual beginning with the Ojibway Indians being its First People as they call themselves.

So, enjoy your Mackinac Island vacation at the Grand Hotel or read Marcia's and Kathy's other suggestions for Mackinac Island Hotels and the many intimate Bed & Breakfasts in and around this magical place we call Mackinac!

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