Walking, Biking and Hiking Trails
Michigan Favorites on Mackinac

The walking, biking and hiking trails Michigan style on Mackinac Island will take you to some spectacular views of the Straits of Mackinac if you don't mind climbing up, up and away for a short distance! The varied trails have wonderful attributes for everyone

  • quiet one person dirt paths going through the forests on the Island;
  • to paved trails where you can ride a bike or walk;
  • or paved roads where there is more traffic due to the many horse drawn drays, carriage tours or hackneys;
  • or to walk on paved streets in the downtown area to enjoy a tour of historical buildings.

Stop and Get Your Mackinac Island Visitor's Guide

The smartest thing to do before beginning any walk, bike ride or hike is to stop at the Visitors Center at the corner of Main Street and Fort Street to buy the $1.00 Historic Mackinac Island Visitor’s Guide. This Guide has two terrific pull out maps with all the trails, roads and historic spots on it. It also includes detailed maps of the different tours like the one shown to the left. It provides interesting facts about the different sites you are about to see.

It’s well worth the $1.00! The other nice thing about the Visitor's Center is that they have some terrific history videos to watch to give you and your family a quick over view about this amazing Island you are about to enjoy. There are public restrooms at the Center.

Right across the street is Doud’s Market where you can buy freshly made sandwiches plus drinks and snacks to enjoy on your Mackinac Island vacation adventure.

The Visitor's Guide will help you to decide where you want to begin your exploration of the incredible 1,800 acres of scenic wonders on this magical Island. It describes 7 tours to choose from with detailed maps for each walk, hike or biking fun:

  • The Fort Mackinac Tour which is fun for all ages. You will actually be walking back into time when you walk through the fort's entrance and it's an incredible live museum that provides a wonderful educational opportunity with fun filled facts and fun filled activities. Plan to have lunch at the Fort Tea Room and enjoy the spectacular views of the harbor and the Straits of Mackinac. Tickets will be needed to enter the fort.

  • The "Footsteps of the Fur Trade Walk" takes you to significant historic buildings on Market Street. The buildings are all open to the public but you will need tickets to enter.
  • The "Indians and Missions Walking Tour" begins at the foot of Fort Mackinac and takes you all the way to the historical Mission House which is near Mission Point Resort.
  • The "Resort Life at Mackinac Hike" will take you down Main Street all the way up to the Grand Hotel while passing beautiful Victorian homes that were summer cottages in the 1800s for families from as far as Chicago and Detroit.

The next three tours are fantastic for families wanting to enjoy walking, biking and hiking trails Michigan style by enjoying scenic natural wonder sites in and around Mackinac Island.

  • The "Natural History Highlights" hike will take you through the natural forests of pine, cedar, spruce, maple and oak trees with exquisite wildflowers dotting the forest floor and amazing limestone formations, caves and scenic views.

  • The "Down the Middle: Route of the British" hike or bike ride is quite a long walk so a bike is the best way to take this tour. It's definitely one for history lovers.

  • The "Around the Shore" is a 1 1/2 to 3 hours tour depending on whether you are walking, hiking at a brisk pace or biking this tour. There are restrooms at Arch Rock and at the British Landing spot.

It will be difficult to choose which one of these hiking trails Michigan style you will want to enjoy during your Mackinac Island vacation. In fact, that's the reason so many people either come back to try another or that they stay over night in order to enjoy all the magnificent hiking trails Michigan provides for all lovers of the great outdoors.

Insider Tip: If you forgot to wear suitable hiking or walking shoes stop at Mackinac Birkenstock Store on Astor Street which is right across from the Mustang Bar & Grill. Let's face it - it's not fun to go on hiking trails Michigan style without proper footwear.

If you prefer not to walk on the many hiking trails Michigan style think about renting a bike!

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