Homemade Fudge Recipes

Homemade fudge recipes can be the answer to satisfying your sweet tooth when you are far from the Mackinac Island fudge shops.

Fudge has long been a favorite treat for both of our families, and if you like it too let’s swap recipes!

Marcia’s mother, Barbara, frequently made chocolate or peanut butter fudge to go with popcorn on the weekly Family-Fun night. The combination of hot buttered popcorn and homemade fudge is the best, so no one ever missed those game nights.

Kathy’s Aunt Meredith’s fudge was famous with family and friends. It was always a welcomed Christmas, Valentine, Easter and birthday gift from her! She passed away a few years ago and Kathy is checking with family members for a few of her recipes. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Marcia’s mother, Barbara has graciously consented to share one of her homemade fudge recipes. We hope you will try it, and then, post your recipes too!

Mackinac Island Fudge

Barbara's Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge

3 cups sugar
pinch of salt
1 ½ cups milk
4 heaping tsp peanut butter
¼ cup butter
1 tsp vanilla

Combine sugar, salt and milk. On high heat bring to bubbly boil stirring constantly. Reduce to medium heat. Do not stir. Cook to soft ball stage or 232 degrees. Remove from heat, add peanut butter, butter and vanilla. DO NOT STIR. Cool at room temperature to 110 degrees. Beat by hand or portable mixer until fudge thickens and loses some of its gloss. Quickly pour in buttered pan. Cool, cut in squares.

Now It's Your Turn!

Mackinac Island Hot Fudge

Now it’s your turn! Anyone got a hot fudge recipe for ice cream, or even a fudge cake recipe or fudge brownie treat?

Share your favorite fudge recipe or your secret insider tip on making the best fudge with our Mackinac-Island-Insider-Tips readers.

Or does anyone think they know the secret ingredient or step from the famous fudge shops on the Island?

Or let us know which is your favorite fudge shop and why!

Our sweet tooths are so anxious to hear from you! We don't count points or calories on this page!

Have A Great Fudge Recipe to Share?

Do you have a great insider tip on how to make fudge that's as good as the Mackinac Island Fudge shops? Or a scrumptious hot fudge sundae recipe?
Please share your yummy recipes!

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What Other Visitors Have Shared

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Insider Tip: If you would like to read a fun article about the Chemistry in Making Homemade Fudge recipes click here. You will appreciate the wonderful fudge made by all the Mackinac Island fudge shops (and our readers) after reading it!

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