To celebrate their 36 years in business come in with this printed page and receive 10% off on books and gifts. and

Visit The Island Bookstore
On Mackinac Island

Make sure to visit The Island Bookstore while on your Mackinac Island vacation.

A vacation is a perfect time to catch up on your reading while settling into a more relaxing way of living whether its for a few days, a week or several months!

In case, you forgot to pack a few good books to read or you finished the reading material you brought...then head to the Island Bookstore. It's tucked under the Lilac Tree Hotel and Spa in the Lilac Tree Centre on Main Street. It's definitely worth finding and you will be back each time you visit this magical island in the Straits of Michigan.

What makes this tiny bookstore the perfect place to visit during your Mackinac Island vacation?
Well, first of all, the varied and terrific amount of books that fill the shelves and the second reason is, "You feel like you're coming back home to see good friends!" For you see, the exceptional staff (Tamara, Jill, Jeremy, & Meghan to name a few) greet customers with big smiles and are always willing to help you find the perfect mystery, auto-biography, newest fiction or non-fiction book to make your vacation reading be delightful and entertaining!

Here Are Some Other Reasons People Come Back:

  • To say "hi" to Mary Jane, Diane and Joe who are co-owners and are special people with warm smiles and such big hearts that you just want to stop and chat with them;
  • the Bookstore carries the current best sellers which are always good reads during a vacation;
  • the book selection for children to teenagers is incredible;
  • their popular "Meet The Author" book signing events are a fun thing to do while on your vacation in order to meet some up-and-coming authors and a few well known ones too;
  • they have loads of innovative & unique gifts;
  • and, they stay open during the busy summer months until 10 p.m. or even 11 p.m. - which is perfect in case you just need one more mystery to read before turning out the lights.

Oh, your best friend, Fido, is more than welcome to come in and enjoy a "doggie treat" while you are browsing the thousands of books! In fact, a few well known Mackinac Island dogs, after escaping from their yards, head to the Bookstore for these satisfying "treats" which are kept on a certain book shelf behind the counter.

This special shop on Mackinac Island has been in business for over 36 years. Congratulations!

Thanks for keeping your slogan "Eat, Sleep & Read" alive and well!

Be sure to check out these beautiful Christmas cards by Jane Winston when you visit the bookstore. They depict Mackinac scenes with a whimsical twist!

Christmas Cards, Mackinac Island Insider Tips

Insider Tip: If you are staying or visiting Mackinaw City be sure to see The Island Bookstore right on Central Avenue. Have a cup of coffee, browse the internet and find a favorite book to read while relaxing in Mackinaw City's favorite bookstore for all the same reasons as above.

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