Mackinac Island Art

Mackinac Island Watercolor

Mackinac Island Art Watercolor by Sharon Griffes Tarr

Copyright, with all rights reserved, held by Sharon Griffes Tarr

Mackinac is an incredible Island setting that offers unlimited opportunity for artists to create their impressions of this unique Northern Michigan area.

Many gifted artists call Mackinac Island home. Their photographs and paintings can be viewed and purchased in stores and galleries downtown. Most of the hotels also sell artwork in their shops. Additionally, the Mackinac Island Public Library features different extraordinary artists throughout the season. Be sure to visit the Library during your Mackinac Island vacation to view original artwork which is usually displayed for a period of time following each art show.

Visitors to Mackinac can also take advantage of art workshops which are offered throughout the season at the Murray Hotel. Each workshop features a different artist with his/her own individualized style. You can contact the Murray Hotel for workshop information at 906-847-3360

The Richard and Jane Manoogian Art Museum opened in July, 2010! The recently restored Indian Dormitory on Huron Street houses Mackinac Island inspired artwork. You will find early Native American art and handiwork as well as recent creations by artists. Be sure to take your children to the arts and crafts level for hands-on art experience. They will love it!

Professional photographers beautifully portray impressions of the Island and offer an array of products from framed prints to note cards. They seem to know exactly how to capture images reflecting the uniqueness of the Islands treasures. Look for their work in many of the gift shops and galleries.

Mackinac Island is also inspiration and home to talented authors. You can find many of their works at Fort Mackinac Visitor's Center, the Gift Store located inside the Fort, and at The Island Book Store under the Lilac Tree Hotel.

Insider Tip: Look around you and notice the beauty in everything. Whether you pack a camera, sketch pad or just want to save a memory, Mackinac Island will inspire the artist in you.

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