Mackinac Island Butterfly House

Is there truly a Mackinac Island Butterfly House on this magical place? You bet!

One of the great things about Mackinac Island is that there is so much to see and explore. You can rent a bike or a horse or simply hike the miles of trails that are part of the Island's beauty. Visit Fort Mackinac and see how people lived and worked in the 1800s, visit the shops or eat lunch at the Grand Hotel. One thing you don't want to miss however, is a visit to Mackinac Island's butterfly houses.

What is a Butterfly House?

A butterfly house is a unique miniature zoo in which you can actually get up close and personal with the zoo's permanent guests, the butterflies themselves! You will also get to observe some interesting and unique insects that you simply don't see every day. The butterflies are housed in a glass conservatory filled with lush green plants, colorful flowers, ponds and gently running water.

Quiet music fills the air in accompaniment to the flight of the beautiful winged creatures who have earned the nickname of "flying flowers". How wonderful and peaceful to sit in the quiet solitude of these glassed in gardens and have one of these beautiful winged creatures light on you mistaking you for a flower.

While the first butterfly houses were located in England where the love for gardens and flowers have always abounded, the first butterfly house in the United States was built in Coconut Creek, Florida in 1988. Among the two Mackinac Island butterfly houses, one is the third oldest in the United States.

A trip to a Mackinac Island Butterfly House offers not only a chance these beautiful creatures up close and personal but you can also learn a lot about the various types of butterflies giving you the opportunity of both an educational experience and a beautiful one as well.

Mackinac Island Has Two Butterfly Houses

Mackinac Island has two butterfly houses for you to visit. The "Original Butterfly House" is located behind Ste. Anne's church which is just past the Mackinac Island Yacht Club.

And "Wings of Mackinac" is a Mackinac Island Butterfly House conservatory that is located behind the Grand Hotel. Both Butterfly Houses offer an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

Preparing For Your Trip to A Butterfly House... You can of course simply stop into either one of the Mackinac Island Butterfly houses on your journey around the Island, or you can spend a few minutes to prepare for your visit. It is more fun if you prepare for your stop by wearing a light floral fragrance and wearing bright colored or bright white clothing as this will encourag the butterflies to actually land on you.

Insider Tip: Your kids will be thrilled to see these colorful insects and you can take home some fun and beautiful photos that you and your family will treasure forever. Past guests to the island rave about their visit to the butterfly houses and you will too.

They are simply two of the loveliest "indoor" spots on the most beautiful island in Michigan.

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