Mackinac Island Fall Photos

Fall Photos of Mackinac Island show the quiet side of Mackinac.

The beauty of Mackinac Island fall photos is that when the crowds leave this magical Island due to children heading back to school and summer vacations are complete another side of this community in the Straits of Mackinac begins to blossom.

Of course, what helps is that the northern Michigan weather changes the colors to deep rich golds, reds, oranges and browns. The crisp air makes the sky even a deeper bright blue and the Straits of Mackinac waters become darker and more foreboding. Professional, as well as amateur, photographers love this time of season to try to capture Mackinac Island fall photos that show the depth and richness in the surrounding area in the land, the community and the people.

Take a peek on this page of the many different sceneries that Marcia and Kathy have taken but also the many exquisite photos that have been sent to them by people who love Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island fall photos show a richness that a Mackinac Island vacation in the fall can provide.

The crowds are gone leaving behind a serenity that is totally awesome. Most people are couples that are celebrating the fall season by having a 2-3 days vacation on this magical Island. It's truly a fun place to be if you are ready for solitude with the fast paced hectic life of summer disappearing to a more relaxed time.

The Island Becomes Your Very Own the fall.

The Island is quite romantic in the fall since you feel as though this Island is your very own. There are still wonderful Mackinac Island Lodging and Hotels to choose from... just be prepared to wait a bit longer at restaurants due to so many staff (college students) having left the Island to get back to school. But this is the time to reflect and not be rushed by crowds of people on Main Street trying to enjoy their Mackinac Island vacation all in one day rather than what it really takes which is 3-4 or even more days.

In fact, there can be some great packages and deals during the fall especially during the week. Many times during the weekends there will be special events that will draw crowds such as the Grand Hotel's "Somewhere In Time" weekend; or several popular Mackinac Island Running Races that causes many visitors during the weekends. But don't wait to late in the fall or you will find that shops and restaurants have closed down which can be quite disappointing.

As the north winds begin to blow the Mackinac Island year round residents know what's coming upon them. They begin to quietly relish when all the crowds leave and only the winter snows and the true lovers of Mackinac Island remain.

We hope if you have taken some great Mackinac Island fall photos or spring photos as well or summer or winter photographs during your Mackinac Island vacation you will share with our readers. And we thank you for sharing your love for this magical Island whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter.

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Marcia and Kathy's Mackinac Island Insider Tip: Check out this page that has more Fall Photos from previous years. Enjoy!

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