Mackinac Island Ferry Schedule

The Mackinac Island Ferry Schedule usually begins around the middle of March. Of course, it all depends on the weather but usually the Straits of Mackinac are clear of ice by this time. And then the season begins!

On the first day the docks are busy with people excited to get supplies and having the chance to leave the Island for a day trip or to return to it after leaving it in late October.

The schedule during the fall, winter and early spring months change for each month and are subject to change without notice due to inclement weather. When the Straits are iced over there is only air service to the Island or snow mobiles (if there is an Ice Bridge, of course).

The ferry lines that service Mackinac Island are Arnold Transport Company, Shepler's Ferry and Star Line Ferry Company. All three have docks in both Mackinaw City, Michigan which is located in lower peninsula and in St. Ignace, Michigan which is in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

All three companies are well respected and have terrific safety standards. They do have different types of boats transporting people back and forth to the Island. The travel times for all the ferries are between a 16-18 minute ride depending on the weather.

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Insider Tip: There is a $8 charge for bikes so make sure you really are going to use them. The downtown area is full of fun things to do especially spending time at fun-filled Fort Mackinac or checking out the many other Mackinac Island attractions.

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