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"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers"
~Claude Monet

A Mackinac Island Florist will make sure that your special event has beautiful flowers, in fresh condition, and arranged with your taste in mind. Flowers have graced special occasions for centuries. It is a lovely tradition that happily continues to this day.

Island florists will happily add the perfect touch to any event while you are on the Island. Call them in advance of your trip, or stop in once you arrive. Weber’s Floral and Gift Shop is located on Market Street and their telephone number is: 906–847–6070. You will also delight in the personal creations from Margaret’s Garden at the Grand Hotel, 906–847–3331.

Weddings are made all the more beautiful with floral decorations, and of course, bouquets. Flowers have been used as a symbol of love in wedding ceremonies since ancient times. Before bouquets of flowers, herbs and garlic were used in garlands and crowns for the bride and groom to wear. It was thought that these would ward off evil and bring the couple good fortune as husband and wife. Not to worry! Island florists will create fabulous and fragrant arrangements for your celebration, no garlic! You will be thrilled with their artistic endeavors.

If you want to give a gift of flowers before your Island trip, consider ordering online and having them delivered. Click here to shop for flowers.

Insider Tip: Wild flowers abound on Mackinac Island! Notice them along the shore as well as near trails and pathways. You will have many opportunities for incredible visual memories. But, don't pick any! It is against the law!

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