Mackinac Island
Hotel Reservations

Make your Mackinac Island Hotel Reservations as soon as you set your vacation dates in order to secure your first choice in accommodations at the best available rate.

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Use this site to find out about Mackinac Island accommodations available for your vacation stay and then, place your reservation and get the best prices by calling the actual hotel or bed & breakfast. The person answering the phone knows exactly if they are trying to make more reservations and what the owner will allow for the room.

Do you want a luxurious full service resort with a golf course? Then the Grand Hotel would be our first recommendation.

Would you like to stay someplace quaint, but still luxurious? Consider the Hotel Iroquois.

There are other hotels that are wonderful and have an array of amenities that are sure to fit your needs. Click here to read about other hotels with great in-town locations.

If you want a romantic vacation spot with a peaceful location, think about staying at The Inn at Stonecliffe. Romantic spots abound on the Island, so rest assured that you can find the magic while strolling on the boardwalk, watching freighters pass through the Straits of Mackinac, taking a carriage ride, or even gazing at the beauty of the Mackinac Bridge. It is breathtaking when you view “Mighty Mac” illuminated on a clear night.

Mackinac Island has an array of wonderful Bed and Breakfasts for every budget. Make your choice according to location and amenities.

Planning a lengthy stay? Are you interested in a condo or cottage? Mackinac Island has Vacation Rentals! This is a great way to experience the pace and unique quaintness of this special Island in Michigan.

Mackinac Island Hotel Reservations

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Exploring the many pages on this site will help you decide what attractions you want to see.  Be sure to check out the dates for the various festivals as well.  They are wonderful and have a uniquely small-town flavor!  From the Lilac Festival to the Horse Festival to the Jazz Festival to the romantic Somewhere In Time weekend, your are sure to find something to enrich your Mackinac Island vacation.

Marcia and Kathy wish you all the best for a fantastic Mackinac Island vacation! Get ready to make memories!

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