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Choosing the right Mackinac Island Lodging will set the stage for experiencing the charm and magnetism of this unique destination. 


Lodgings vary from small Victorian Bed and Breakfasts to lovely one-of-a-kind hotels to the magnificent Grand Hotel. You can try a different one every summer for we are sure that you will feel the allure of this magical Island and will want to return year after year.

You can enjoy amenities at various hotels even if you are not a guest there. Try some of our favorites:

Putt-Putt Golf

For Mackinac Island Lodging details...

Click on the following links for detailed lodging information. You will discover everything you need to know from who is pet friendly to where you can enjoy an afternoon at the spa!

Other lodgings for your consideration include:

  • Harbor Place Studios - (800) 626-6304
  • Lakebluff Condos – (800) 699-6927
  • Main Street Inn and Suites – (906) 847-6530
  • Market Street Inn – (888) 899-3811
  • Park Place Suites – (906) 847-8194
  • Sunset Condominiums – (800) 473-6960
  • The Lilac House – (906) 847-3708
  • Bicycle Street Inn - (855) 560-8005

There are many special events throughout the summer season on Mackinac Island.  Visiting during these times can be busy so plan well in advance to secure your hotel reservation.  For example, most sailors, and those who come to cheer them on during the famous Port Huron to Mackinac Race and the Chicago to Mackinac Race, make their reservations a year or more in advance!  Spring and Fall tend to be quieter and less busy times.

Insider Tip: Although most lodgings are closed during the winter months, you can still contact them to make reservations for the following summer.

Be sure to ask about details. Some places share bathrooms and a few do not have air conditioning. They can still be charming and well worth the experience, but you don’t want to have any surprises!

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