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The Mackinac Island map on this page will help you during your Mackinac Island vacation in finding the terrific spots you want to visit whether it's finding the location of the airport, the Grand Hotel, Fort Mackinac or where to find the many Hotels and other Lodging choices on this beautiful and magical Island. The one below is just a general map to show you the streets and the size of the total Island which is about 8.25 miles around.

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You can make the map larger or smaller by using the arrows in the box on the map. The dotted blue lines are the ferry line course directions. The northern blue line is from St. Ignace, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula while the southern blue dotted line ferries travel to Mackinaw City, Michigan. All three Mackinac Island ferries have docks in both St. Ignace and Mackinaw City. But you need to be on the right ferry coming back from Mackinac Island so you don't find yourself in Mackinaw City when your car is in St. Ignace.

Throughout this website, we will add more detailed maps showing specifically where the different Hotels and the many wonderful and different restaurants are on the Island.

Insider Tip: In case you don't know where this small Island is located in the United States click here to see a Mackinac Island map showing its located in northern Michigan in the beautiful Straits of Mackinac.

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