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You will find Mackinac Island open year round with a few choices for lodging and restaurants in the winter months. However, the delight begins at the ones that are open due to the year round residents being there on a regular basis.

You will find that the true Mackinac Islanders are fun, warm and love living on this magical place year round.

Click here for the list of Mackinac Island lodgings that are open year-round.

Getting to Mackinac Island during the winter months can be quite an adventure due to the unpredictable winter weather. The year round residents hope that the Ice Bridge forms by mid-January from St. Ignace to the Island.

If the ice bridge is not formed, the Arnold Line ferry will offer service to the Island as long as it can get through the ice. This ferry is in downtown St. Ignace and has limited times so be sure to check out its post season ferry schedule.

If the ferry can't make it through the ice then your other choice is to travel by air. Great Lakes Air is the only airline that services Mackinac Island year round. It is located in St. Ignace, Michigan. Click here to get more information.

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