Mackinac Island Shopping

Shopping Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island shopping is a unique experience. There are a variety of one-of-a-kind specialty shops and boutiques that are sure to spike your interest. Most of the shops are on Main Street which is quite busy with all the ferry boats and big hotels on that street.

Market Street is one street off Main Street and has some nice gift shops.

Fort Mackinac has a wonderful gift shop that you should not miss if you buy tickets to visit the fort. It's definitely worth a visit!

Where the Lilac Tree Hotel and Spa front door is there are a few shops tucked in this hidden alcove.

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In fact, one of our favorite shops is located right next to the Lilac Tree's front door which is the Island Bookstore where you can sit down and relax with a few books to enjoy. It's a dog friendly shop so Fido is more than welcome too.

Shops intermixed with restaurants and fudge stores line Main Street.

You can have fun choosing the perfect crazy souvenir hat!

Browse for unique jewelry pieces, clothing, toys, kites, books, and even original art work.

Scrimshanders has beautiful scrimshaw items. There is even Professor Harry’s Old Time Photos, the perfect place to capture a photo of your group in period costumes.

Market Street has several wonderful gift shops including LaGalerie where you will find many one-of-a-kind artistic gifts. Their slogan is “Expect the Beautiful and Unusual.”

Resort hotels have gift shops as does Surry Hill, which is at a stop when you take a carriage tour. There are endless places to pick up the perfect Mackinac Island keepsake.

Insider Tip: Many Island guests and residents stop at a fudge store just before they get on the ferry so they can enjoy a scrumptious treat on the trip home.

Where do you like to shop?

Do you have a favorite shop or funny shopping experience? Share your story with our readers and let the fun begin!

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Lilac Tree Book Store Not rated yet
I love the Lilac Tree Book Store so much! They always have awesome books to buy! I love it sooo much--I could spend hours in there!

Decked Out and Nephew's of Mackinac Not rated yet
I just "Love" to shop at those 2 shops on the Island. They both have unique clothes and I could really almost spend my entire day there! I Love to …

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