Mackinaw Bridge

Mackinaw Bridge is the incorrect spelling for the Mackinac Bridge. The correct spelling is with a "c" at the end rather than a "w". In other words, Mackinac is the correct way rather than Mackinaw.

Spelling it as Mackinaw is a common mistake. What confuses people is the bridge begins in Michigan's Lower Peninsula at the small town of Mackinaw City which is spelled with the "aw" at the end rather than "ac." And, when you are traveling to Mackinac Island that is spelled with the "ac" at the end rather than the "aw".

If that's not confusing enough many people mispronounce Mackinac by making the "nac" at the end having a hard "k" at the end...saying "knack" when the correct pronunciation is with a silent "c" or "naw".

The confusion is that both the French and English were early explorers in the Straits of Mackinac with the French using the "aw" spelling and the British using the "ac" spelling.

To read more about the history and building of the Mackinaw Bridge, oops, I mean Mackinac click here.

Insider Tip: If you want to learn about the fun Walks and Races that happen across "Big Mac" (which is what locals fondly call the bridge) each year visit our page at Mackinac Races on the Island and Across "Big Mac."

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