Memories of St. Helena Lighthouse are special to me....

by Sarah J.
(Savannah, GA)

Thanks, Marcia & Kathy for having a photo for me to share!

Thanks, Marcia & Kathy for having a photo for me to share!

One of my favorite lighthouses in the Great Lakes area is the St. Helena lighthouse. Coming from the east coast where lighthouses and history are abundant, I was delighted to see that the same passion for historical preservation and restoration of the lighthouses can be found with our northern neighbors!

The St. Helena lighthouse is on an un-inhabitated slice of land just northwest of Mackinaw City, MI. The true beauty of this lighthouse lies within the restored interior that houses a beautifully done dining area, parlor, office area, and hallway. The winding staircase leads you up to the top of this 71 foot tall lighthouse. It offers quite the view with the Mackinaw bridge spanning the waterway several miles away. This lighthouse was commissioned in 1872 and through the years, it has been under the careful eye of many dedicated volunteers and historians who have offered their time and talents to help with the maintenance that comes from such an older structure.

I was so happy when my Aunt told me she had arranged a time for us to visit this lighthouse and adjacent dwelling facility that offers a spacious interior to show off the history of the landmark during my vacation! The volunteers are truly remarkable!

I am glad I was able to share my story and hopefully others will benefit from my posting to visit the many beautiful lighthouses throughout the United States whenever you get a chance.

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