Michigan Fine Artists
Sharon Griffes Tarr

Meet Michigan Fine Artists Sharon Griffes Tarr, a native Michigander who is an award winning painter.

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Having grown up in a family who loved the out-of-doors, Sharon Griffes Tarr’s life has been influenced by the natural landscape. Over the years she has developed an abiding love for land and water and pulls on them often as inspiration for her paintings.

According to Sharon, “Wherever I might travel, I naturally gravitate to water, especially shallow water along shores, creeks and marshy areas where I feel a special joy in the world around me. When I’m painting on location, I will often sit near the water and think about my subject before working. I am inspired by the solitude and the peace I find in such places.”

Michigan Fine Artists, Sharon Griffes Tarr

"The Koi Pond", 24"x36", oil on canvas

Sharon has pursued a career as a painter for many years. While her family was young and growing she worked primarily in watercolor and acrylics for their convenience and quick drying properties. Later when she was able to devote long periods to painting, she began working in oil which has, today, become her favorite way to combine the principles of art with her personal visual painting expression.

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As Sharon has matured in her work so has her ability to express the effects of light and shadow on her subjects. Creating the effects of atmosphere has become the focus of her work.She explains, “I want very much for my audience to feel the moisture in the air or the heat of the sun late in the day, as I feel it. These are the emotions we can share in my work. This is a way that we can communicate together as we visually experience the subject. The subject has become less important to me in my work than the sharing of the feeling of a place with those who view my paintings.”

"Grand Flowers", 24x18, oil on canvas

As an instructor with over thirty years of experience, Sharon teaches weekly drawing and painting classes as well as painting workshops. She is a highly popular and respected instructor and demonstrator who strives to train and encourage her students to build on their own unique strengths and not to assimilate her style and technique. Sharon states, “I help them to see their subject clearly and to apply the principles that will help them advance their unique style in representational communication.”

Sharon Griffes Tarr, Mackinac Island Insider Tips

"Dry Docked", 8x8", oil on panel

Sharon has shown her work in galleries and exhibitions nationally since the 1970’s.

Believing fully in the need to work from life as well as in the studio, she spends many hours working on location (en plein air). She is a Master Member of the Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association (GLPAPA), and an active member of the Plein Air Painters of West Michigan (PAAWM) and The Great Lakes Pastel Society (GLPS).

Sharon’s paintings are found in private, corporate and governmental collections across the USA and internationally.

Sharon Griffes Tarr’s work may be viewed at SGTarr.com.

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