Michigan Gardens

Are Truly Spectacular On
Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, Michigan gardens are absolutely beautiful because of their vivid colors, interesting shapes and gorgeous textures.

Due to Michigan's temperate climate, the summer growing season is long and just the right warmth to grow spectacular gardens. What are especially helpful are the long northern Michigan days that provide plenty of sunshine during the growing period. Michigan's cold winters provide a good period of dormancy which helps plants survive and thrive.

Rainfall is fairly predictable on Mackinac Island and the soil supports many varieties of annuals and perennials. Of course, the abundant "free" horse manure helps alot too.

The Island is also home to many beautiful wildflowers! You will see them throughout the spring, summer and fall.

The love of gardening definitely shows all around the island with residents and shop owners creating small micro-climates in their gardens.

Micro-climates are small areas that are warmer or colder than the actual natural gardening area. With all the buildings, houses, fences, trees and other large structures around the Island you will find mini-gardens in surprising places. Mackinac Island gardeners know flowers so well they can plant out-of-zone plants successfully. So, keep your eyes open and you may find a surprise in these beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan gardens.

Find and Seek Garden

One fun garden for young and old alike is the
"Find and Seek Garden"

on French Lane.

The Grand Hotel 's Gardens...

can be seen down in a small valley on the road leading to its famous front porch.

But if you follow the path to your left that's just before the big hill and go pass the tennis courts you will find yourself on a tree covered canopy pathway leading you into the Grand Hotel's exquisite garden.

Not many people know about this path...so keep it a secret! Shhh!

Most of the Bed and Breakfast Inns, such as the Cloghaun Bed and Breakfast welcome people to come into their yards to explore and enjoy the flowers.

You might want to stop in to pick up information about a future stay at this marvelous Inn to truly enjoy their remarkable garden, as well as. other Mackinac Island, Michigan gardens.

Insider Tip: If you are inspired to become a gardener after visiting Mackinac Island you will want to visit this wonderful Michigan gardens website that will help you become a master gardener.

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