Michigan Girl Scouts
Honor Guard Troop 609

Michigan Girl Scouts have the wonderful opportunity to qualify for Honor Guard Troop which opens the door to participate in the Mackinac Island Scout Service Program.

Girls Scouts, Mackinac Island Insider Tips

The following is an account of one scout’s journey as related by her mother, Susan Horn.

Annemarie was a member of Girl Scouts of Peninsula Waters Council in the UP and also (after the council mergers) a member of Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes (GSNWGL). She is now a lifetime member of Girl Scouts.

Girls from our council are allowed to apply for Heart of Michigan Council Honor Guard Troop #609 (formerly Mitten Bay, Capital Area, Fair Winds & Peninsula Waters Councils). Annemarie was a member of this troop for five years, from 2007-2011. Her guide duty posts on Mackinac Island included the South Sally Port, North Sally Port, Upper Gun platform and Biddle House.

These Michigan Girl Scouts were divided into patrols, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Each patrol took turns performing KP (kitchen patrol) duty during the week including one entire day cooking meals. They also performed service projects around Fort Mackinac or the State Park during the week. Additionally, they raised the State Park flags each morning and retired them each evening. Seeing Annemarie participate in retiring the giant Garrison Flag inside Fort Mackinac was pretty awesome. It takes a LOT of girls to handle and fold that huge flag.

In 2010, Annemarie’s daily flag post was at the Governor’s summer residence and on the first day, Governor Granholm came out and greeted all of the girls in the flag patrol before they retired the flags for the evening.

I am in Group and Wedding Sales at Carriage Tours and had worked with the Governor’s assistant, Kelly, setting up transportation for the National Governor’s Association. I asked Kelly if Annemarie could meet with Governor Granholm for a few minutes and to have a photo taken.

Girl Scouts, Mackinac Island Insider Tips

The Governor was very gracious and spoke with Annemarie about Girl Scouts and her personal goals for the future. The photos were taken on the porch of the Governor’s Summer Residence.

In 2011, Annemarie graduated from LaSalle High School and spent her fifth and final summer as a member of Honor Guard Troop #609. One of her special duties, as a graduating senior, was to serve at the Governor’s Summer Residence during the weekly Wednesday morning tours from 9:30 to 11:30am.

Annemarie has been hired by MSHP (Mackinac State Historic Parks) to be an Historic House Interpreter this summer (2012) during her summer break from college. She is really looking forward to the experience and is sure that her Honor Guard experience will help her in this new position.

Marcia and Kathy send congratulations and continued success to Annemarie! She exemplifies the excellence that scouting promotes.

Do you have a summer scout story to share? Our readers would love to hear from you!

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