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Author Jackie Winkowski

Jackie Winkowski's picture books for kids are fantastic heartwarming stories about sled dogs and their adventures.

Children’s book author/sled dog musher Jackie Winkowski and her husband Jim live with their family of sled dogs in Sands Township, between Gwinn and Marquette in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

In her writings, Jackie draws from life experiences. Of Finnish-Swedish descent, she grew up on an Upper Peninsula strawberry farm overlooking Lake Superior. Dogs were constant companions, as were cats who would warm her feet at night in the family’s sometimes chilly wood-heated house. A fond early childhood memory is of “mushing” the family Newfoundland, Barney, who wore a handcrafted leather harness and pulled Jackie in a sled over ice-covered Keweenaw Bay. It was a Flexible Flyer and not a dog sled but, says Jackie, it glided just the same.

Jackie and Jim Winkowski have owned and operated the Snowy Plains Sled Dog Kennel since 1993. Throughout the decades, they have been immersed in raising and training Alaskan and Siberian huskies and recreational sled dog mushing and racing. They enjoy sharing the magic of dogsledding with the young and young at heart through hands-on dogsledding experiences, presentations, and Jackie's books. The books are illustrated throughout with photos of sled dogs, puppies, dog sledding and winter scenery.

Jackie is a former publisher of the 1980s-1990s Upper Michigan magazine Above the Bridge, and for that effort was named a Michiganian of the Year by the Detroit News. Her children’s sled dog books, described as heartwarming stories inspired by real dogs and true events, are listed below. They are softcover photo-illustrated books, 8-1/4 X 8-1/4 in size.

Author Jackie Winkowski

Miki’s Challenge
One Sled Dog’s StoryWhat challenge did Miki – a young Alaskan husky face? Could she conquer it?

Author Jackie Winkowski

Miki’s Race
Quest for the Finish Line (sequel to Miki’s Challenge)What happened when Miki entered a sled dog race? Would she ever race again?

Author Jackie Winkowski

Promise of the White Dog
Jeanne was overjoyed when a white puppy was born at Glacier Ridge, her sled dog kennel. She had always wanted a white dog! Then she met Liz, who needed one . . . .

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