Race To Mackinac
Attracts Only the Best Sailors

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Race to Mackinac from the windy city, Chicago, begins on July 19th, 2014. Sailors will begin arriving to Mackinac Island beginning around July 20th if the winds and weather cooperate.

If you love sailing this is the time to schedule your Mackinac Island vacation. There is nothing quite like watching hundreds of sailboats cross under the Mackinac Bridge to dock at the Island's marina from the famous Chicago Yacht Club that sponsors this incredible race.

Since 1921 the Chicago Mackinac race has run each year without fail and has become one of the most prestigious sailing races in the world especially on the Great Lakes.

It is the oldest and longest fresh water distance race being 333 miles in length.

For those of you who think Great Lakes Sailing doesn't pose much of a challenge perhaps you should talk to some of the 3000 crew members who man the 350 odd boats who take part in this race.

Lake Michigan is known for its stiff breezes and gale force winds that come up suddenly because of quick weather changes from the Canadian border. In 1911 the winds were so strong they took down almost the entire fleet of vessels.

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To Enjoy the Race to Mackinac You Need To Make Your Hotel Reservations NOW...

However, you don't have to be a sailor to enjoy the fun of being part of this historic race. It is just a matter of getting your Mackinac Island hotel reservations early enough.

You can have a wonderful Mackinac Island weekend and enjoy all the terrific Mackinac Island attractions and rub elbows with the men and women who sail in this challenging race.

There's so much to do and great places to eat at all the different types of Restaurants on the Island. It's also fun to drive up to the Upper Peninsula and visit Hessel, Michigan which is known as the Les Chaneaux Islands.

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Read more and watch a terrific video about the Race to Mackinac for there is simply nothing more breathtaking than seeing those masts and sails pass under the bridge knowing they are headed your way.

Here's Marcia & Kathy's suggestion for Mackinac Island Hotels. The best place to celebrate the end of the race is at the Pink Pony Bar

Marcia & Kathy's Insider Tip: If this race is not enough for you then stay a bit longer or come earlier to enjoy the Port Huron (Detroit) Sailing Race to Mackinac. Each year these two prestigious sailboat races are back to back providing great sailing adventures for all. Each year they change their position in being the first or second race.

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