Scout Barracks


The Scout Barracks was built in 1934 to accommodate the Honor Troops serving on the Island. Troop information is posted each week by the Scout Coordinator.

Shannon has been the Scout Coordinator for several years. She knows the duties and responsibilities of the Scouts and has a wonderful time with the exceptional young people in the program. As a Scout herself, she served as a member of an Honor Guard Troop for five years. That is all it took for her to fall in love with the Island.

The green benches are a favorite relaxing spot for Scouts and Leaders alike!

These stairs, worn bare from years of use, lead to the dormitory.

As many as 56 scouts can sleep in this large room.

Shannon is pictured standing in front of a large fireplace in the dining room area.

Many great meals have been cooked in this huge kitchen.


The door pictured in the center is located under the stairs and leads to the sports equipment storage area.

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Insider Tip: Boy Scouts say grace before a meal and Girl Scouts sing grace.

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