The Seabiscuit Cafe
Mustache Monday Event

The Seabiscuit Cafe is a wonderful place to visit with old friends and meet new ones! It's a great restaurant with some of the best food on the Island. But, most people don't know about the fun event that happens every Monday evening.

Longtime residents, workers, and tourists are all finding the weekly Moustache Monday event to be great fun! Stop by around 10:00 pm and get your own personalized moustache.  Surprise your friends by getting them to this popular restaurant and bar for a drink (or 2) on a Monday evening and then see what happens at the Seabiscuit Cafe! 

These innocent women stopped in for a the Seabiscuit Cafe...

...and decided to join the fun!

You may not see his work at the Louvre, but nevertheless, Karl, pictured below, could win the prize for creative moustache design. This is just one more indication of hidden talent on Mackinac Island.

Do you or your friends have an urge to do something creative during your Mackinac Island vacation? Then join us at on Monday evenings - it's located right on Main Street!

Armed with a burned cork as his art tool, Karl adds the perfect moustache to everyone who wants to join the fun!

Hold still Steve, I'm creating!

It's takes great concentration as you can tell by Carl's jawline being so tense. Don't mess it up Carl!

Now it's Melissa's turn!

Happy first anniversary to Melissa and Steve! After enjoying this event at the Seabiscuit Cafe, they have decided to throw their own moustache party when they return to Virginia!

They had no idea that the Island and surrounding water would be so beautiful..."It's a WOW"!  Hopefully, we will see them on their 2nd, 3rd and perhaps 10th Anniversary someday! We will recognize them by their Melissa's unique moustache!

Here are some more fun memories at the  Moustache Monday...

Rebeka and Suze...

toasting to their new stylish look!

Kevin and Katie showing off their new looks!

Now the fun really begins, the Bartender gets a marvelous moustache!

Marcia (in the middle) and Kathy (on the left) also join in the fun on Monday evenings if they aren't fast asleep from having such a fun day on their beloved Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Other great places for an evening of fun is the Pink Pony Bar or visit our page about all the great Mackinac Island Attractions.

If you want a quiet and magnificent view of the Straits while watching the sun set then head up to Fort Holmes! 

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