Stories of Romantic Proposals

Emily and Shaun, stories of romantic proposals part two!

I managed to pull myself up and out of the man hole, and immediately went to the side of the walkway and sat on a step which had a railing alongside. I held on for dear life. Shaun carefully walked over, and seemed frozen right in front of me. It was a gorgeous morning, clear skies with minimal wind. The maintenance gentleman had walked to the other end of the walkway, and leaned on the railing as he admired the beautiful view. Did I mention the railing is only waist high?!

I did not even see Shaun reach into his coat pocket, but immediately noticed a small white box in his hand. As he opened the box, I completely forgot that we were 552 feet above the straits of Mackinac. There was a gorgeous diamond!

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I gasped and instantly started to cry. Needless to say, Shaun was quick to slide the ring on my finger…after I said “YES!” of course. We spent about 30 minutes enjoying the view from the top of the bridge and taking pictures. I have no recollection of climbing back down the ladder, the elevator ride, or getting into the van and going back to the Bridge Authority offices. I was on cloud nine!

It was certainly a day that will never be forgotten by both my husband and me. We are so grateful to have shared our engagement weekend at our favorite place – Mackinac Island – with our friends and family. It is a story that we will love sharing with our children and grandchildren someday.

I must thank Dan Musser III and Steve Murray who helped make this special day possible; and Marcia Dunnigan for asking me to share our story.

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