The Mackinac Island Butterfly House Opened a New World To Me

by John C.

A Small Butterfly Changed A Life!

A Small Butterfly Changed A Life!

My memory of Mackinac Island is nothing short of magical. I remember going there as a child and having such an amazing experience, not only because it was great but because it also was the only family vacation that I had outside of California. My fondest memory was being able to view such a vast array of butterflies at the Butterfly House and Insect Museum at Mackinac Island. This was an opportunity that was not readily available to myself because coming from a large city like Los Angeles, you are more likely to see celebrities than a wide variety of wild life. It was my experience at Mackinac Island that led me down the path of environmental science and showed me a completely different world than what I knew. I will always have a place in my heart for Mackinac Island, and I hope to one day be able to take my children there as well.

When a friend told me about your website and this page about sharing a story it made me reminisce on a very fond memory. :)

Marcia and Kathy's Two Cents: Thanks for made our day! Let us know if you ever come to visit and we will take your kids on a personal tour of the Butterfly House - it's gotten bigger and better!

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