To Drive the Tunnel of Trees

Is the Perfect Start to
Your Mackinac Island Vacation.

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The "tunnel of trees" is a spectacular tour in the spring, summer and winter seasons but it can't be beat in the fall with the dazzling show of colors enveloping you during your drive.

If you have a convertible it's even more fun and it's a popular route for motorcyclists. It's a fun route to take while heading to your romantic and fun Mackinac Island vacation.

The Tunnel of Trees is
One of the Most Romantic Roads in the USA

Kathy still remembers the time she and her then boyfriend and now hubby drove it in her beloved Black Beauty fact, it was so romantic they talked about buying a cottage someday someplace on the route!

The road begins on Michigan Highway 119 after you leave the exclusive resort town of Harbor Springs. The route takes you through an area once inhabited by the Odawa Indians, and veers right and left about 20 miles to the tiny town of Cross Village.

Definitely stop at historic and fun Legs Inn in Cross Village just to see the view and to have a great lunch, dinner or a cold beer (with over 100 choices from around the world)!

It's a very narrow road without a center line so drive carefully.

There is not much leeway between the road and go slow and enjoy the ride! You will find yourself in a mixed forest, lots of mature broad leaf and pine trees, with beautiful large and small cottages dotted throughout.

The views of Lake Michigan are unbelievable...please note that far in the distance is Beaver Island.

Wilderness State Park Is A Must Stop

After passing through Cross Village, you will find yourself going into a more open part of the tunnel of trees into Wilderness State Park. This is a super place for a picnic or to just walk the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. The Wilderness State Park has wonderful rustic cabins on the camp grounds that you can rent all through the year - spectacular spot in the winter!

You will end up in Mackinaw City where you can catch a ferry to Mackinac Island. Make sure you check the ferry schedules for after Labor Day the boats run fewer times. After the third weekend in October they only run from St. Ignace which is in the Upper Peninsula across the majestic Mackinac Bridge.

Insider Tip: Go to a deli in Harbor Springs or Petoseky and pack a lunch and a bottle of wine to enjoy on the shores of Lake Michigan. There are plenty of spots to park on the road just before the Wilderness State Park without having to go into the actual park.

Just remember...Kathy's romantic story...the same ending might happen to you while driving through the Tunnel of Trees. 

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