Vacation Packing Tips

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Vacation Packing Tips for your trip to Mackinac Island
Planning, Packing, and Playing!

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As busy mothers, Marcia and Kathy, definitely have packed many suitcases for family vacations, as well as, for romantic vacations. Here are some of our Vacation Packing Tips to help you be organized by following our Planning, Packing and Playing rules

Plan: Write out a day by day calendar of your trip and list every outfit you will need including pajamas and underwear! If you are like us, you will probably only wear half of what you take unless you plan for each day.

  • Two travel outfits, one for getting there and one for the return trip.

  • Daytime recreation clothes – golf, tennis, biking, horseback riding, walking, shopping, boating, swimming

  • Evening wear – most establishments are resort casual, but if you are attending a special event such as a wedding, you will want to pack accordingly.

  • Layering is the perfect way to be prepared for Northern Michigan weather. Be sure to throw in a rain slicker, but don’t worry, it will probably only rain if you forget the slicker! NOTE: There are many shops on Mackinac Island that sell sweatshirts and rain gear if you should need an extra layer.

  • When packing shoes, keep in mind that tiny sandals are not the best choice since there can be "road apples", courtesy of the horse population, on the roads and streets. You will, however, be safe walking on sidewalks! Also, remember to bring good walking shoes so you can have fun exploring the many historic sites.

  • A small backpack or fanny pack will keep your hands free to enjoy your vacation while keeping important items like your camera at the ready.

  • Write a media check list too. Don’t forget your camera, batteries, media cards, cell phone and charger and even a little pocket sized video recorder! The Flip Camcorder is easy to use and makes sharing through email or YouTube a snap! Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black)   IMPORTANT: Do not pack your camera in your luggage; you will want it at hand when you ride the ferry to the Island. There will be many photo ops during the ride, including great views of the Mackinac Bridge. If you’re lucky the ferry will pass by a freighter heading through the Straits of Mackinac.

  • Pack your favorite reading material or audio books for the long plane and/or car ride.

  • Check with your hotel or bed & breakfast to see what amenities they provide. You may get to leave your hairdryer and shampoo at home.

  • Make a copy of the credit cards that you are taking with you. Take one with you and leave one with someone at home for easy access if you should need it.

  • Take the addresses of everyone who will enjoy receiving a postcard from you. The Mackinac Island Post Office is quaint and friendly so wait and buy your stamps there so you can experience this bit of small town charm.

Pack: If you have taken the time to plan, packing will be a breeze.
One pitfall: do not second guess the plans you have made. Follow your list and stick to it!

  • Invest in luggage on wheels!

  • Roll your clothing instead of folding to avoid excess wrinkling. This is an old but very effective trick learned in our scouting days.

  • One of our favorite vacation packing tips is to use Zip-Lock bags. They are the traveler’s best friend. Put items like underwear in a zip lock bag and squeeze all the air out as you seal it. This will save a lot of room in your luggage.

  • Also, use zip lock bags to hold all liquid items. Double bag them if your vacation includes air travel because the pressure change during flight causes liquids to leak.

  • For those of us who need more than one pair of shoes, it is best to wear the heaviest pair to save room and weight in your suitcase!

Play: Whether traveling as a couple, a family, or an individual, Michigan vacations offer something for everyone. Mackinac Island is a magnificent destination. You will find great northern Michigan golf, exciting entertainment, wonderful hiking, biking and riding opportunities, and a friendly community steeped in history.

Use vacation packing tips to help you plan right, pack efficiently, and get ready to play!

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Mackinac Island Insider Vacation Packing Tips: Although it is always nice to use your own sports equipment, keep in mind that just about everything you may need, from bikes to golf clubs, can be rented on the Island.

Marcia & Kathy hope that these vacation packing tips will help you to enjoy a special, memorable and carefree get-a-way!

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