Vintage Baseball Games
on Mackinac Island

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"No Spitting, No Swearing, No Smoking"
Is This Really A Game Of Baseball?

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The difference between Vintage Baseball and today’s game is quite remarkable. Modern baseball has its exciting moments what with those home runs, triple plays and the occasional bat throwing, screaming at the umpire, and fits of rage. However, for some lovers of the game of baseball, newer doesn't necessarily mean better and nowhere is that attitude better displayed than the Vintage baseball games that takes place in July 7 p.m. on Mackinac Island, Michigan. That's when the Fort Mackinac "Never Sweats" take to the diamond in a game against their worthy opponents. One of their favorite opponents is when they match up with the Mackinaw City, "Boys" and the Bay City, "Independents."

Check with Fort Mackinac or the Town Crier Newspaper to see what dates are the next fun and exciting Vintage Baseball games to be held during your Mackinac Island Vacation.

An Actual Vintage Baseball Game Is Played
Like You Have Never Seen Before!

This game is not a re-enactment but is a real game played by the original rules of the game that was set in the 1840s. Here you will see two teams pair off in a gentlemanly competition dressed in vintage uniforms and playing the game as it was originally meant to be played: bare handed and with a sense of dignity and fair play.

Fans or Cranks as they are known in the old time baseball terms will be coached in the original terms by the umpire wearing a top hat and carrying a mega phone, the same umpire that will see that the players follow the rules and maintain their gentlemanly qualities along with their determination to win.

Soldiers stationed at Fort Mackinac began playing this game unofficially in 1871. Isolated on an Island as they were many of the soldiers found themselves with too much time on their hands and playing this game became a good way to fill in those idle hours. However, it wasn't until 1885 that the Fort formed the official team choosing the name Never Sweats.

It was Lieutenant Pratt who became the team's first captain and donated the $4.00 to buy two bats and a ball for the newly formed team. When Fort Mackinac, became Mackinac Island State Park the soldiers departed but left behind their love for the original game of vintage baseball, a love that has continued right up to today.

It isn't often that one gets to see history alive and well from the stands behind a historic fort. Nor is it every day that you get to enjoy the thrill of baseball as it was meant to be played on what is perhaps, the oldest continuously played field in Michigan today.

So, whether you are a history lover, a baseball lover, or simply want to enjoy a day of good old fashioned fun, be sure to mark your calendar and come join us on Mackinac Island, Michigan in July when the Fort Mackinac No Sweats take on their opponents for a gentlemanly game of baseball with no spitting, no swearing, and no smoking. The game is free so come and enjoy!

Marcia & Kathy Insider Tips:  There's no better place to enjoy being a part Michigan history than on beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan. Nothing is better than spending an afternoon than enjoying a game of Vintage Baseball behind the famous Fort Mackinac. Click here to read Phil Porter's Interview where he mentions his love for Vintage Baseball and for Mackinac Island.

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