Wawashkamo Golf Club

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Wawashkamo means “walk a crooked trail” and that is just what happens when you play the course! It is pronounced as it looks - wa-wash-ka-mo which means "walk a crooked trail" in Ojibwa.

The Golf Club is one of the best kept secrets on Mackinac Island and is an Island treasure.  It is a public golf course, so, it's a wonderful adventure to do while on your Mackinac Island vacation whether you are a serious golfer or not! If you want to become a Member to this golf-loving community check out the Wawashkamo website page.

Located on British Landing Road, makes it a great bike ride or even a fun hike.

It is a must for golf purists as well as for those who want a one-of-a-kind golf experience. Additionally, it is one of the few remaining Scottish 9 hole links courses in the United States and has received the prestigious distinction of being listed as one of America’s Historic Golf landmarks by Golf Digest.

The Club is open from mid-May to October 15th. Don't miss out on a fun and memorable Mackinac Island activity. Non-Resident of Mackinac Island Summer Rates 2014 are 9 holes with Cart is $50 and 18 holes with Cart is $75.

The course was designed by Alex Smith and is little changed since being established in 1898. It is located at the site of the 1814 Battle of Mackinac Island.

Nine Holes with Eighteen Tees
at Wawashkamo Golf Club on Mackinac....

  • #1 & #10 – Par 5 – Leave your slice at home!
  • #2 & #11 – Par 4 – Features a “hidden” rough.
  • #3 & #12 – Par 4 – Features a mini berm that encircles the green.
  • #4 & #13 – Par 3 – Get ready for a blind shot to a sloping green.
  • #5 & #14 – Par 5 – Features an elevated green with a false front.
  • #6 & #15 – Par 4 – Fun driving hole from an elevated tee.
  • #7 & #16 – Par 3 & Par 4 – Tough uphill Par 3.
  • #8 & #17 – Par 3 – “Gum drop” mounds if you lose it left.
  • #9 & #18 – Par 5 & Par 4 – Uphill, over the ridge to an elevated green.

If you really want a challenge, rent “hickory sticks” and play a round the old-fashioned way.  There are regular golf clubs to rent, too.

Call (906) 847-3871 to reserve your tee time. The Golf Pro at the Club also gives lessons!

Used Golf Ball Deals

Marcia and Kathy's Insider Tip: The club staff will be happy to call for your return taxi while you are still on the course so you will not have a long wait. But, make sure you save time to sit in the wicker chairs on the porch and talk over your game!

We hope you have fun at this unique golf course and the history behind it!

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