What A "Real" Lighthouse Should Look Like...

by Jennifer B.
(Comstock Park, MI)

Frankfort North Breakwater Light House with Crashing Waves!

Frankfort North Breakwater Light House with Crashing Waves!

My favorite lighthouse around the Great Lakes is the one in Frankfort (north of Holland) called the Frankfort North Breakwater Light House. To me it's my favorite because it actually looks like a light house instead of a building and because it appears to be in a most dangerous and hazardous place for any lighthouse.

There are many signs stating that the best viewing for this light house is on the shore, as the cat walk can be and usually is very dangerous due to the high and breaking waves from Lake Michigan. It is one of the most awesome pyramid type light houses in Michigan in my opinion.

(Marcia and Kathy found a copyrighted photo of Jennifer's favorite lighthouse at www.dreamstime_7210366.jpg)

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