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Why Advertise Questionnaire?

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For your "Why Advertise Questionnaire", print out this page or Contact Us to send you a complimentary copy.

Online advertising is the most current and best way to get your message out to many people. Information about products, destinations, hotels, restaurants and shops is searched for by millions and millions of people each day.

Check up to six things on this "why advertise questionnaire" that you would like your advertising to do for you. Then circle three of those six things that your advertising MUST do for you.

  • Sell your product / service today
  • Build store traffic
  • Build store image
  • Educate customers
  • Differentiation
  • Generate new customers
  • Expand demographics
  • Advertise ticket prices
  • Get more traffic to your website
  • Competitive advantage
  • Build brand awareness
  • Support sales objectives
  • Start people talking
  • Target your best prospects better
  • Sell your service
  • Meet the competition's offers
  • Promote the way you do business/innovation
  • Promote new specials or merchandise
  • Increase Name awareness
  • Justify higher price
  • Build company morale
  • Customer focus
  • Resolve doubts about your company
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

Advertisers often make one of two mistakes: They expect too little from their advertising ("I just want to 'get my name out there'")...or they expect too much from their advertising ("This campaign will be a complete failure if it doesn't turn around our business by the end of the first week!").

Use this list to help you define your advertising goals and objectives and to create a realistic picture of what you can expect to attain from your advertising.

For more information on how Mackinac Island Insider Tips can be an important part of the solution to your Advertising read more about our advertising and public relations opportunities.

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